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Marriage Celebrant Julie Holland


Marriage Celebrant Julie Holland

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Contact me  Phone: 0432256458   

Beautiful Julie

Julie Holland - Marriage Celebrant

Hi I'm Julie-a fun, professional person and I love working with ALL couples to craft special lovely personal ceremonies-weddings, naming or renewal of vows.

I promise you both will love the delivery of your ceremony and you will have everyone commenting just how wonderful it was.

Individual or modern or traditional, or integrated multi-cultural ceremonies, home weddings and surprise ceremonies are the core of Promise to Love. 

Promise to Do

- Craft beautiful, personal, tailored and memorable ceremonies
- Create not only the ceremony you want but one that exceeds your expectations
- Accurately complete and lodge all your legal documentation
- Provide useful information and creative ideas
- Rehearse your ceremony before your big day so everything runs smoothly
- Support you both throughout the ceremony
- Deliver high quality professional service from start to finish

Promise to Be

- Personable and skilled and always available to help and support you
- Individual and creative
- Entertaining and engaging

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Costs I promise my costs are reasonable and my ceremonies are really lovely. My cheaper costs DO NOT equate  with the words cheap celebrant. Prices may vary depending on the day, time, date, venue and the complexity of your ceremony and any immigration support work so it's best to give me a call and we can discuss exactly what you both are wanting. 0432256458     

Prices below are for ceremonies conducted in 2019.

The Bouquet $650-800

Fully Customized, Personalised and Crafted Ceremony with lots of lovely extras -ceremony Time 20-30 minutes- Travel and Preparation time  20-30 hours.

  • rehearsal before the day

  • ideas for music, readings, rituals and program structure,

  • personal story completed with online form

  • progress chart

  • online program outline

  • 2-3 face to face meetings

  • Ring exchange, “The I Do’s”, The Giving Away, Readings and Rituals-all can be included

  • choice of 3-4 pieces of music downloadable from ITunes

  • editing of ceremony draft until you are happy

  • signing table and chairs with your choice of color for satin table runner and chair sashes

  • large choice of vows or you can write you own with my support if needed

  • PA system and microphone

  • choice of commemorative certificate

  • beautiful presentation ceremony script

  • choice of fonts & color for couple's certificate

  • whatever communication you need: meetings, emails, text, phone calls

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The Posy $450-600

Lovely special and fresh ceremony- ceremony time-15-20 minutes- preparation and travel time-10-15 hours

image posy-1-cropped.jpg
  • all legal paperwork

  • immigration support paperwork- if needed

  • own vows or choice of vows

  • notification of confirmation by BDM

  • your choice of venue

  • unlimited guests

  • signing table & chairs

  • PA system & Microphone

  • 2-3 pieces of music

  • choice of colors for satin table runners & chair sashes

  • keepsake ceremony script

  • ring exchange/The Asking/The Giving Away

  • 1 face to face meeting

  • 2-3 choices of font for couple’s marriage certificate

    The Bud $390-450

 Basic Legals Only Ceremony-ceremony time-10-15 minutes- preparation and travel time-5 hours

bud 3.jpg
  • all legal paperwork and immigration

  • own vows or limited choice of vow samples

  • notification of confirmation by BDM

  • your place or similar venue or my place($50)

  • 2-20 guests including witnesses

  • simple keepsake ceremony script

  • 1-2 choices of music

  • limited choice of colors for decorations

  • ring exchange

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The 4 Legal Must Haves

The 4 Legal Must Haves


Contact me  Phone: 0432256458   Email:

The Wedding Vows

The wedding vows are one of the legal requirements and without them you are not properly and officially married. So they are an integral part of your ceremony but also perhaps the most intimate part.

However, what is said and the way they are said is entirely up to you and this is one way you can truly personalise your ceremony.

Traditional or individual and intimate- you choose. I will support you to write and say them or I can articulate your thoughts and ideas and personally craft them for you myself. 

I promise to support you the whole way and help you deliver your vows in the form that suits you the best so they do not cause any unnecessary stress but in fact make for cherished moments for the two of you.


There must be 2 official legal witnesses over the age of 18 at the ceremony and they will be required to sign legal documents. They do not need to have identification.

The Legal Documentation

The legal paperwork can be complex but I am here to do it all for you and to make sure that it is completed perfectly and lodged appropriately.  

The Notice of Intended Marriage must be completed at least one calendar month before the wedding and is valid for 18 months from the date of signing.  You can download the form at this link or just ask me.

The Declaration of No Legal Impediment- this is completed by the 2 of you before the ceremony and you are declaring that there is NO legal reason why you can not get married.

The Official Certificate of Marriage- you, your witnesses and I sign 2 copies of this on the day.

With the new BDM system introduced on Feb 19th I can now apply directly for the registered official copy of your certificate which you must have for formal name change, passports & immigration etc. This is a much simpler and quicker process for you because you don’t need to get I.D certified. The BDM charges a fee for this.

I am here to guide you with ease and knowledge through this whole process and ensure that all documentation is completed and lodged according to the law.

The Marriage Celebrant

As a qualified marriage celebrant I will conduct your  ceremony with professionalism and a great personality so that both of you, your family and friends will just love it. I always craft unique ceremonies tailored to your wishes, ideas and cultural beliefs.

I will deliver an excellent standard of service from our very first meeting through to your ceremony rehearsal and the ceremony itself and I will make it amazing.

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The Lovely Extra Bits

The Lovely Extra Bits

Contact me  Phone: 0432256458   Email:

Now with the legal bits taken care of we can get down to making your ceremony yours-unique and personal. Your ceremony is really important and sets the tone for the rest of your special day.

Let's discuss whether you want your ceremony to be contemporary, traditional, casual, formal, intimate, playful or just really different to any other ceremony you've been to or heard of. What worked well or didn't work at those ceremonies? What things would you like that weren't included? 

I can help you both with ideas for types of music and when to have them played. Or maybe you both have meaningful songs or pieces of music that you want featured.

I have many ideas and resources for special elements and rituals that can be included and am very happy to include anything you particularly want or adapt your ceremony so your friends or family members can play a role too if you choose.

Are there heritage aspects or cultural beliefs that we could craft into your ceremony to give your ceremony meaning and treasured memories? 

I am here to help, inspire and create the perfect ceremony for you both.

It's really important you get a celebrant you like, can relate to and can feel confident that the ceremony you get is the beautiful ceremony you want. I Promise to be that celebrant.

Let's get it right!

Let's make it memorable! 

Let's get together and chat about this very important exciting event in your lives.