The Legal Documentation

The legal paperwork can be complex but I am here to do it all for you and to make sure that it is completed perfectly and lodged appropriately.

The Notice of Intended Marriage must be completed at least one calendar month before the wedding and is valid for 18 months from the date of signing.  You can download the form at this link or just ask me.

The Declaration of No Legal Impediment- this is completed by the 2 of you before the ceremony and you are declaring that there is NO legal reason why you can not get married.


The Official Certificate of Marriage- you, your witnesses and I sign 2 copies of this on the day.


With the new BDM system introduced on Feb 19th I can now apply directly for the registered official copy of your certificate which you must have for formal name change, passports & immigration etc. This is a much simpler and quicker process for you because you don’t need to get I.D certified. The BDM charges a fee for this.

I am here to guide you with ease and knowledge through this whole process and ensure that all documentation is completed and lodged according to the law.

The Wedding Vows

The wedding vows are one of the legal requirements and without them, you are not properly and officially married. So they are an integral part of your ceremony but also perhaps the most intimate part.

However, what is said and the way they are said is entirely up to you and this is one way you can truly personalize your ceremony.
Traditional or individual and intimate- you choose. I will support you to write and say them or I can articulate your thoughts and ideas and personally craft them for you myself.
I promise to support you the whole way and help you deliver your vows in the form that suits you the best so they do not cause any unnecessary stress but in fact make for cherished moments for the two of you.


There must be 2 official legal witnesses over the age of 18 at the ceremony and they will be required to sign legal documents. They do not need to have identification.