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Now with the legal bits taken care of we can get down to making your ceremony yours-unique and personal.                                     Your ceremony is really important and sets the tone for the rest of your special day.

Let's discuss whether you want your ceremony to be contemporary, traditional, casual, formal, intimate, playful or just really different to any other ceremony you've been to or heard of. What worked well or didn't work at those ceremonies? What things would you like that weren't included? 

I can help you both with ideas for types of music and when to have them played. Or maybe you both have meaningful songs or pieces of music that you want featured.

I have many ideas and resources for special elements and rituals that can be included and am very happy to include anything you particularly want or adapt your ceremony so your friends or family members can play a role too if you choose.

Are there heritage aspects or cultural beliefs that we could craft into your ceremony to give your ceremony meaning and treasured memories? 

I am here to help, inspire and create the perfect ceremony for you both.

It's really important you get a celebrant you like, can relate to and can feel confident that the ceremony you get is the beautiful ceremony you want. I Promise to be that celebrant.

Let's get it right!

Let's make it memorable! 

Let's get together and chat about this very important exciting event in your lives.